LifeCell Skincare – Secret Ingredient Deanol

The secret lies in a European discovery called Deanol.

Scientists in Europe (Belgium) discovered applying Deanol on our skin helps produce acetycholine…causing our skin to firm and the muscles underneath to tone-up.

No wonder bodybuilders all over the world are splattering themselves with potions of Deanol and looking t-o-n-e-d…at competition time. I mean, have you ever seen a bodybuilder in top-shape with sagging muscles?  You won’t. It’s an oxymoron.  They know what to do when it comes to looking toned.

Bodybuilders aren’t the only ones hooked onto the wonders of Deanol.

Celebrities such as: Diane Sawyer; Grammy nominee Diana Krall; Grammy winner Emmylou Harris; Hollywood Mogul & author Nora Ephron; hit fashion designer Cynthia Rowley; Emme (host of E! TV’s Fashion Emergency); and actress Michael Michele share in their love for Deonal because it instantly gives them baby-bottom-firm-skin for those “special red-carpet” occasions.

Deanol works its wonders in just the amount of time it would take for you to finish a sinful mouth-watering desert. There is no need to spend days carefully applying this and dipping in that until you finally see results.  It’s quick, it’s easy, and it works.

And long-term use of Deanol could help to permanently achieving a leaner look because the muscle tone in our face improves.  Some women notice the tips of their noses get a lift owing to the increased muscle tone that Deanol brings about in their foreheads.  Believe me, there is nothing that gives our faces a more youthful look than raising the sagging tip of the nose.

One of the more spectacular anti-aging effects of Deanol, is the natural lift it could produce in the eyelids in just a few days of use.  It feels like getting an advanced eyelift with 6,500 targeted microlifts.  On average, women between the ages 40 to 55 have 6,500 micro-points concentrated in the delicate eye area. Deanol’s microlifters form a network around the eyes to make the skin look tighter, lifted and firmer.  Eyes appear recontoured and wide-open!

Speaking at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting, Dr. Patricia Farris excitedly said…

“This is the first time that we have seen evidence that any topical treatment could be helpful in treating the anatomic [muscular] changes that occur as a result of aging. Split face studies showed that patients using topical…[Deanol] show…appreciable lifting of the eyebrows, jowls and cheeks… “

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