Lifecell Reviews

From: Dr. Janet Allenby
Delray Beach, FL
My name is Janet Allenby, I am a cosmetic surgeon and a dermatologist  who has been practicing for many… many years.
I’m professionally accredited with the American Osteopathic Association, American Academy of Dermatology, American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, Dermatology Foundation, and the American Contact Dermatitis Society.

In addition, I’ve been a faculty member at the dermatology residency program at Columbia Hospital.  And I’ve been the recipient of the prestigious Daniel Koprince, D.O. Educational Award.

I am excited to report to you that now many expensive Botox injection sessions and cosmetic surgeries can be either postponed or eliminated completely because of a brand new cosmeceutical that can postpone or even prevent the need for these invasive procedures in the first place.

Hard to believe? Of course, it is. I wouldn’t believe it myself, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.

In all my many years of experience, I have never come across a product quite like this. It is called LifeCell — an all-natural approach to preventing the signs of aging by putting nature’s most powerful nutrients to work for your skin.

In many cases this unique product can not only postpone, it can even eliminate the need for Botox injections or cosmetic surgery for many individuals whose only complaint is the appearance lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, age-spots, under-eye dark circles & puffiness and “feather” lips that adds years to their face.

Like me, many other cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists recommend LifeCell to our patients. So please, before you come to see me or any other cosmetic surgeon, try this revolutionary cosmeceutical first. But before you do, read below how it all came to be through blind luck that struck a brave woman, Michelle Bell.

Thank you.


Janet Allenby, DO

Barbara Cook, Age 30
Hollywood Actress
Houston, TX
“You don’t ever want to be without The Amazing ‘Face-Lift-In-A-Tube’ Used By Madison Avenue Models Who Don’t Want To Go Under A Surgeon’s Scalpel!”
That’s how I feel about LifeCell. I don’t ever want to be without it. I would say, try it. You have nothing to lose… Try it and see if it works for you… When I look at my face in the mirror I’d just be like, ‘Wow!’ I care about what people think about when they see me and after using LifeCell, I am sure that people see me differently than they would have.
Because of the confidence that I have… just my natural skin without make up, I’m sure that I carry myself a little bit differently… LifeCell has just given me a perfect anti-wrinkle treatment for my skin. I just feel so good about myself.

Like I always admired people who can just be like, ‘Fresh face for the world.’ You know? A little bit of color here and here and then just run out. Well, that’s where I am now… It just feels awesome. It feels wonderful… Every day I use LifeCell. Every day I get complimented. Every day I remember what it used to be and every day, I’m thankful for what I have now.

Maurio Coito, Age 45
Flight Attendant
Maui, Hawaii

“LifeCell is a Skin Saver!!”
My name is Maurio Coito and I’m 45 years old. I have been a flight attendant for the last 20 year.
Because of the radiation and stress of long cross Atlantic flights I get dark circles under my eyes, and blemishes on my skin. As I get older, my skin does not bounce back so quickly, from the stress and crows feet have started to show… and my darks circles now have bags.

Then a friend of mine introduced me to LifeCell. I was skeptical because I was not looking for oceans of lotions to work on my face. I don’t have time for that kind of aggravation. Too many other skin care treatments just did not work for me.

I only have one face and I want to care for it the best way I can. I wanted something that would reduce my pores, lighten the appearance of my dark circles and blemishes, soften the texture of my skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles that are age telling.

I was pleasantly surprised LifeCell did all of it. And it left me with a more youthful face. LifeCell is truly a Skin Saver!

Click Here to Try LifeCell Today,100% Risk-Free

Sally Koo, Age 33
Investment Representative
New York, NY
“Do yourself a favor and get LifeCell – I promise you will not regret it”
My name is Sally and I’m 33 years old. I moved down to South Florida from New York City about 3 years ago.
And I spend a lot of time out doors here and the sun can be quite damaging to the skin. Also as I get older, I’ve been thinking about taking better care of my skin and I’ve been searching for the perfect anti-aging cream. Everything I’ve come across the in the mall and informercials really didn’t work for me. All I got were empty promises in a bottle.

I finally found LifeCell. This cream is amazing. It has everything in one tube… anti-oxidants, firming cream, anti-aging, day and night cream… all in one… very convenient. I’ve gotten so many compliments from friends and family. I’ve passed it on to my girlfriends and my mother and they all love it. Do yourself a favor and get LifeCell. Just try it. I promise, you will not regret it. You’ll never go back to anything else.

Cindy Kim, Age 36
Sales Executive
Washington, DC
“She was like: Oh my gosh! Your skin looks great!”
I’m 36 years old and I recently started using LifeCell.
My mother and aunt noticed right away. She was like, ‘Oh my gosh! Your skin looks great.’ My biggest compliment has just been women that I interact with saying, ‘Wow. You have really beautiful firm skin for someone your age’ I still can’t believe it ‘til this day. Approaching forty I feel like I know myself and I have confidence in myself and my ability. But using LifeCell has given me more self-confidence in how I appear to others and how, you know, my appearance is in the world.

You automatically get it every month so I never have to be without it. It’s great. As I’m using this one, my next one comes…when the time is just right! And then I use up that supply and then I have my fresh supply waiting for me…

Sugie Lee, Age 70
Cosmetic Pharmacist
Atlanta, GA
“Now no one believes I am 70. I have to show them my driver’s license to prove my real age”
I’m 70 years old. And I’ve been a pharmacist for dermatologists and other doctors for more than 30 years, I have seen very few anti-aging & anti-wrinkle creams that have any positive effect on our skin.
However, one cream that specially stands out of the pack is LifeCell. It has really impressed me. It is so convenient. It’s an all-in-one fast-acting anti-wrinkle cream, firming cream, 24-hour moisturizer, age spot cream, eye-gel, lip-plumper and makeup base. I am not aware of any other cream quite like this. I’ve thrown away all the other creams I had, and just use LifeCell. It does everything… why would I need anything else?

I’ve been using it for some time and now no one believes I am 70. I look about 15 years younger. I have to show them my driver’s license to prove my real age. In fact, my own personal results have been so satisfying that I will continue to recommend LifeCell to ALL my friends who would benefit from looking younger. Thank you!

Sarah Lynch, Age 19
Fashion Model
New York, NY
“What would a Drop-Dead Gorgeous 19-year old fashion model from New York City know about erasing the appearance of wrinkles without cosmetic surgery or Injections?” More than You think…

(New York City is buzzing with the excitement because of the entry of a new and upcoming ravishingly beautiful model and actress named Sarah Lynch. If you haven’t as yet seen her adorn the covers of magazines and TV ads, then you soon will. Sarah grew up in a small town in New Jersey, where she spent most winters on the ski slopes and scorching summers on the Jersey shore. Even though she is so drop-dead beautiful, she struggles with dry skin from the winter’s snow, wind, and cold, and like most people, battles sunburn and skin irritation from the sunny, salty and sandy summer days on the beach.)

“The energetic life in New York is so exciting! But with balancing early morning photo shoots and long days on set, with parties and the night scene, I began to get ugly dark circles and puffiness around my eyes. I tried almost every skin cream on the market, and found nothing that worked. I spent a small fortune on buying junk cosmetics.
Finally I was introduced to “all-in-one” LifeCell. From the first time I tried it, I could see that I had finally found a cream that soothed my dry skin, erased the appearance of my under-eye circles, and helped get rid of the appearance of puffiness that I hated, all at the same time!

LifeCell leaves my skin radiant, making all of my friends wanting to know my secret! My face is so soft, and really smooth. Finally I have the confidence and beauty I have always wanted.

Unlike most products, I found that this cream was not a bottle of empty promises…it actually worked! Miraculously, it erases the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, age-spots, under-eye puffiness, “feather” lips, and helps prevents further damage caused by the sun.

How do I know? You see, I gave a tube to my mom, and it showed outstanding results on her face too! She’s been using LifeCell for the past 4 months and now no one believes she is 54 years old. Now she has to constantly show them her driver’s license to prove her real age.

So if you are interested in not just rolling over and letting time take its toll on your face – then fight back, and feel the years fade away as you dab yourself with LifeCell to a younger looking you… It’s truly amazing!

Thank you,

Ralph O’Neil, Age 50
Correction Officer
Tarrytown, NY

“No man is going to go through the agony of applying 10-15 different creams everyday to look young. I’d rather get a root canal than do that. LifeCell is so much more convenient”
I am a 50-year-old man. Much of my life has been spent in the sun and I find myself with many skin “issues” as I age. It was sort of shocking to see myself in the mirror and see more and more wrinkle and lines appear everyday in addition to the age-spots, freckles and splotches.
I found out about LifeCell’s anti-aging system from my hairdresser who is 43 and has absolutely gorgeous skin.

I’m not sure what all the ingredients are supposed to do but I figured why not try it. Initially I was sold on the fact that I do not have to apply 10-15 different creams, each addressing a different “tell-tale” of skin aging.

For example, one cream for wrinkles, one for sagging skin, an antioxidant, a day cream, a night cream, an age spot cream and so on… No man is going to go through the agony of applying 10-15 different creams everyday to look young. I’d rather get a root canal than do that.

LifeCell is so much more convenient. It takes care of all the different tell-tale signs of aging in one tube.

I’ve been using it for about 2 months now and more that few people have been telling me that I look younger somehow. I do see that my wrinkles have smoothed out and my skin feels smoother and even toned. I believe this is the best anti-aging system hands down. Hey it works!

Look 10+ Years Younger

Deviahnna Serpa, Age 27
Model & Dancer
Maui, HI

“Now My Boyfriend Can’t Stop Kissing Me”
(Deviahnna is a mother and a famous fulltime model living in the paradise called Hawaii. Her face has graced the covers of many advertisements, and catalogues in Hawaii. If you are ever in Hawaii, don’t be surprised to see her smiling at you from a Billboard.)
Since, I depend on my beauty to make a living, I take utmost care as to how my skin looks and feels.
Besides, I really don’t want to get wrinkles, dark circles, under eye puffiness, dry skin, and age spots on my face. I take good preventive action to make my skin look soft, supple and youthful, forever.
So, I’m soooo glad I found LifeCell because it does it all. Can you believe it… it’s an intensive 24-hour moisturizer, an anti-oxidant cream that protects against dangerous wrinkle causing free radicals, and a lip-plumber (among other things). Talk about convenience. I no longer have to lug around 5 to 10 different beauty creams to my photo shoots. I just carry LifeCell.
After I started applying LifeCell, my skin began to glow radiantly! It looks fresh and rejuvenated. My boyfriend loves touching my skin! My friends keep asking me my “secret.” They think because I am a model I have some “special magic portion” that I put on my face everyday. That is just not the case. LifeCell is all I use.
Oh, one more thing, when I apply LifeCell, my lips appear plumped up and now my boyfriend can’t stop kissing me! I’ve tried some “plumping” products that severely sting and burn and, yes, do puff up your lips for about six hours. Who wants to go through that kind of agony?
They’re not for me. As far as I’m concerned what LifeCell does is so much better. First, it feels totally nourishing and soothing. It’s a balm that even helps restore your lips’ natural healthy color. With continuous use my lips have started to appear fuller (I think because they’re softer and no longer wrinkly). But, it doesn’t sting.
Colleen Graham, Age 41
Former Fashion Model
Former Director of Ford Model Agency
Hollywood, FL
Colleen Graham is a former model, and the former director of one of the most recognized modeling agencies in the history of modeling, Ford Models. Among the many (too many to list) feathers in Coleen’s cap – she represented Claudia Schiffer & Heidi Klum!
Because the career of the models she represented, depended on them having flawless beautiful skin… Coleen has been a keen follower of the cutting-edge in beauty and skin care technology, with a particular interest in anti-aging treatments.
I’m 40, but I look (and feel) like I’m 28, again. Thanks to LifeCell, no one can tell me I can’t look as young as I feel. LifeCell age-proofs my skin without surgery, Botox, or a Park Ave. dermatologist. Now I look my age… the one I feel. After I started applying LifeCell, men and women that cross my path repeatedly turn their heads to check me out – and it makes me look and feel like a million dollars!

By the way, here’s some insider information: LifeCell has become a major secret used by middle-aged professional models… including those who make millions of dollars a year. You see, these women often have to look… much younger… than they really are… or else… they lose their jobs! If people in the industry knew some of the models’ true ages, it would be difficult for them to get work. Thanks to LifeCell they’ll never find out the true ages of these models.

Bobbie Pollard, Age 36
Las Vegas, NV
“Stop lying about your age, boast about it – and smile when their jaws drop in amazement… Jump out of bed in the morning, and see yourself a decade younger in the Mirror”
(If you’re part of Las Vegas’s select “who’s who” then you know Bobbie Pollard. If not, then you are either a tourist or still haven’t “arrived.” Bobbie happens to be the most sought after, licensed cosmetologist and skin care expert in Sin City.
A good friend of mine described Bobbie’s makeup and skin care skills as “borderline illegal” and sinful. Not that Bobbie breaks any laws but her makeup skills are so dramatically transformational that people’s faces are almost unrecognizable once they go under her magical hands. Bobbie can take a plain Jane and within minutes transform her into a devilish traffic-stopping-beauty.

Specializing in Bridal makeup, Bobbie’s also created beautiful faces for a wide variety of movies, beauty pageants (including Miss Hawaiian Tropics), portfolios, live performances and special events.)

When new clients come to me… they have only a few short weeks before they are to get married. They don’t have time to be put on a skin care regimen for months at end before they see the disappearance of their lines and wrinkles.

Most of them are screaming “I need laser therapy, Botox, Collagen – do something quick!!”

But when they find out about the pain and costs involved with those invasive procedures… most realize it’s not for them. What they really want is a safe, easy to apply facial treatment, if one even exists, that they can use at home that really works…that would zap 5 to 10 years from their facial appearance very quickly!

In my quest to satisfy my client’s need, I’ve tried almost all anti-wrinkle creams, and constantly speak to research scientists about the latest ingredients they contain. Most of the anti-wrinkle creams do not lessen wrinkles or improve skin texture, let alone fulfill the more extravagant promises on the label.

However, one skin care product that truly stands out in my mind is called LifeCell.

I have to admit, when I first heard my friends raving and ranting about this new skin care breakthrough, I was a skeptical. There was only one way to find out: try it myself. So I did.

First it felt a bit warm, then it felt a bit tight. Finally, it felt as if it was being gently tweaked backwards. It was unnerving. I could actually feel the plumpness around my eye. It felt more firm.

My friend Christine, was with me and she was convinced that my face had lifted. To my astonishment, so was I. If it can do that in a matter of a few minutes, what might an ongoing course achieve? What might I look like after a couple of months? I was excited.

On doing some research I realized LifeCell is an “all-in-one cream” that reduces the appearances of wrinkles, lines, crow’s feet, dark-circles, age-spots, puffy eyes, frown lines, sagging skin, and “feather” lips. There is nothing quite like it in the market for whatever amount of money.

Why? Because it’s loaded with antioxidants, water-binding agents, and anti-irritants. A staggering amount of scientific research has proven without a doubt that these anti-aging ingredients are extremely beneficial to reduce the tell-tale signs of aging on our skin.

Ever since I’ve started applying LifeCell, I can’t stop getting complimented enough on how radiant and youthful my skin looks and feels.

And I feel my long search for the perfect anti-wrinkle cream for my clients and myself has finally been met. Now, all I have to do is hand my clients a tube of LifeCell and tell them to apply it for a few short days. Viola! Most of them have to pinch themselves to believe the dramatic results they see in the mirror.

When I give my clients a tube of LifeCell I tell them, “Stop lying about your age, boast about it – and smile when their jaws drop in amazement… Jump out of bed in the morning, and see yourself a decade younger in the mirror.”

Order LifeCell 100%  Risk Free Today

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