Celebrities Who Endorse LifeCell Skin Cream

  • Dermatologists are hailing it as the most potent needle-free skin care treatment available to science. Studies have shown it prevents “cell damage linked to facial aging and wrinkles”
  • Oscar winner Charlize Theron, Pamela Anderson, the Beatles’ Sir Paul McCartney, Star Trek’s William Shatner, American Idol’s Simon Cowell, tennis champ John McEnroe, Alicia Silverstone, Rev Al Sharpton and fashion designer Stella McCartney are members of PETA – people for the ethical treatment of animals – and they have certified this anti-aging skin care secret to be 100% cruelty free of animal testing
  • Endorsed by the former Director of Ford Models who represented Supermodels CLAUDIA SCHIFFER, HEIDI KLUM & EVA HERZIGOVA
  • Finally, revealed – the amazing anti-aging skin care secret used by middle-aged fashion models who constantly get accused of being under-age
  • Its stunning “reverse the clock” effect on your face has to be seen to be believed… and the best part is… you’ll see results in 60 seconds…
You’re Now Just One Step Away From Looking Up to Ten Years Younger!

Other satisified customers of LifeCell Wrinkle Cream:

Michelle Bell, Dr. Janet Allenby, Jennifer Hohenzollern, Olga Suarez, Colleen Graham, Etta Walker, Pamela Anderson, Sugie Lee, Cindy Kim, Barbara Cook, Bobbie Pollard, Sally Koo, Maurio Coito, Elain Campbell, Jennifer McNeally, Christine Johnson and ….

Sarah Lynch, Age 19
Fashion Model

(New York City is buzzing with the excitement because of the entry of a new and upcoming ravishingly beautiful model and actress named Sarah Lynch. If you haven’t as yet seen her adorn the covers of magazines and TV ads, then you soon will. Sarah grew up in a small town in New Jersey, where she spent most winters on the ski slopes and scorching summers on the Jersey shore. Even though she is so drop-dead beautiful, she struggles with dry skin from the winter’s snow, wind, and cold, and like most people, battles sunburn and skin irritation from the sunny, salty and sandy summer days on the beach.)

Ralph O’Neil, Age 50
Correction Officer

I am a 50-year-old man. Much of my life has been spent in the sun and I find myself with many skin “issues” as I age. It was sort of shocking to see myself in the mirror and see more and more wrinkle and lines appear everyday in addition to the age-spots, freckles and splotches.I’ve been using it for about 2 months now and more that few people have been telling me that I look younger somehow. I do see that my wrinkles have smoothed out and my skin feels smoother and even toned. I believe this is the best anti-aging system hands down. Hey it works!

Deviahnna Serpa, Age 27
Model & Dancer

(Deviahnna is a mother and a famous fulltime model living in the paradise called Hawaii. Her face has graced the covers of many advertisements, and catalogues in Hawaii. If you are ever in Hawaii, don’t be surprised to see her smiling at you from a Billboard.)

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